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You Actually Can Put a Price on it

The Big Guy had volunteered to pickup a package of our favorite British sausage from the deli in nearby Shushan, NY for dinner.

Even if I hadn’t had to work late, I would have given the go ahead for the purchase.  It’s $8.95 per pound, and stew makings which would be cheaper, but our deli favorite was made with a secret ingredient that only a few other foods contain.

Eight-year-old Thing2 came into my study as soon as the clock struck five and announced he was STARVING.  This is a nightly ritual, but STARVING can mean different things on different nights.

If, for example, we are serving a home made spaghetti sauce over organic, non-GMO pasta, Thing2’s appetite will disappear until dessert.  Other nights, meat and potatoes nights for example, Thing2 will lick the plate clean through 2 servings and then ask for dessert.  Fourteen-year-old Thing1’s appetite isn’t quite as schizophrenic, it just goes to greater extremes. Cheese shrivels his normally monstrous appetite. Certain casseroles cause us to apply for a second mortgage to cover the cost of dinner and a commitment hearing for whichever parent claims they are still sane at the end of dinner.

Every once in a great while,  there are the miracle dinners.  There are the meals, like our favorite British sausage with mashed potatoes, that vanish as soon as the steam clears the top of the potato pot.  These are the nights there are no arguments, no tears (from kids or parents), and no leftovers.

I think the secret ingredient in the deli sausage is sanity, which, apparently you can buy for $8.95 a pound.