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Something New

Illustrating a blog for the better part of six years helps you accumulate a surprisingly sizable pile of sketches and paintings, even if you’ve been selling them here and there. I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, so took a few times rearranging my tiny studio before that I have an Etsy store where some of those find new homes and even new lives on mugs, today iPhone cases.

I designed these from a series of botanical themed watercolors that started as the foundation of a spring themed watercolor exhibit a few years ago and have continued a little bit each summer since.

Morning Farm

Morning Farm, Oil, 3 1/2” x 5

So it appears A tick bite earlier this summer has caused disproportionate amount of havoc for such a tiny beast. My doctor put two and three together and figured out that all of my symptoms add it up to a tick borne illness that he tested and prescribed for.

The prescription is starting to tackle some of the symptoms, but faced with arms that are too tired and shaky to do much work at the large easel, I taped one of my tiny canvases to a pallet and Turned painting into physical therapy. I like the tiny canvases. They use a lot less paint and strength.

Brown Paper Packages

Someone ordered painting as a gift, so I’m wrapping it with a little more colorful tissue tonight.

I have to admit this is one of the more fun things about having a little “boutique“. Each order is like wrapping up a present, and it’s kind of fun thinking about how to make it something fun to open on the other end.

Watering Seeds

We were in the emergency room until late last night. I’ve been having some dizzy spell’s and shakiness we still can’t explain, so I almost thought about canceling today. but no one will ever accuse me of letting common sense interfere with good idea.

My visit to the Clarke Art museum a few weeks ago planted the seed of an idea of a weekly drawing group. I was inspired by the biographies and descriptions of the women featured in the exhibit. They had gone to Paris at the last half of the 19th century. Some went against their family’s wishes, others, primarily from Scandinavian countries, went to Paris for the culmination of their education. they worked within and against the salon system, often forming their own small salons, drawing encouragement and inspiration from each other. How could you not be inspired by that?

I think inspiration kills common sense, and some days that’s a good thing. I got the house presentable and readied a few snacks and a still life. I had thrown out an invitation to a small group of fellow artists, knowing Wednesday afternoon might be dicey for most people who don’t work weekends.

In the end I ended up making a few shaky sketches on my own. I’ll get there oils out in a little while – oil seems to be more forgiving of my unsteady hands.

The invitations to draw and encourage and be encouraged are still standing, and the list, hopefully, will grow. My seed of an idea still germinating.Today, Just by following through, I gave it a little more water.

The Secret Life of Stuff

I did some consolidation of the Itty-Bitty Bookshelf Gallery today as a few paintings left the nest to go to a new home. I loved that someone like them enough to buy three of them, but I think it’s especially nice that, having spent their short lives on the bookshelf together, siblings get to stay together.

What do you think, am I being over sentimental about the feelings of paintings?

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