• A Hot Mess

    A Hot Mess (sold)

    this may be the last painting with lift up trees. Last nights storm blew through, and the colors on the pallet took on a more muted hue.

    I love foliage season, but I have to admit Stick Season is my favorite. I love seeing the semi naked trees stretched out against the sky. I spent this morning sketching out the first painting of Stick Season. This one, A Hot Mess, is on its way to a new home on Saturday.

  • Painting Lessons

    A Hot Mess (WIP)

    There are some lessons about painting that have become abundantly clear over the last few weeks.

    1. Every painting worth keeping starts life as a hot mess.

    2. There is no such thing as going in to the studio to paint for a “little” while. Once you pick up that brush, you might as well kiss the day or the night goodbye and admit that you’ll be there until that hot mess is something you’d want to put your name on.

  • Sunshine on Etsy

    Under the heading of “she’s kind of funny girl”, I decided to blow sunshine up on Etsy.

    And there is a funny thing about my new mantra. Each time I feel frustrated or down, it gets easier and easier to start blowing sunshine into my life. It appears to be pretty good source of renewable energy so far. I liked that the place that prints these T-shirts offers a few colors. i’m thinking of ordering the blue one first and using as armor when I do tech-support.

  • Blowback

    Back when I was trying to tell myself how little art really meant to me, I used to doodle people and animals as part of the landscape. living in the mountains, surrounded by nature, It’s almost impossible not to hear voices from the forest and imagine the spirits of people who are here before close by.

    When I look back at those drawings now, however, I see something melancholy about them.

    Last night, I was more than melancholy. I’ve gone to bed early thinking I’d get a full eight hours of sleep and ended up tossing and turning until almost midnight. I had me the classic mistake of looking at social media before going to bed, and I could not force myself to sleep against a backdrop of dread.

    So I got up. I went to my studio.

    I didn’t have any pictures I wanted to paint from, and I’d spent the entire day inside doing tech-support. For some reason I squeezed out a bit of yellow ocher onto the pallet. that I added white and orange and cadmium yellow. And I started to paint.

    One of my old trees started to form against a sunshine filled sky, and I recognized or mild pieces. this time, however, there was no melancholy. There’s no ambivalence in my life about claiming my creativity. And that creativity, last night, had nothing to do with working as an artist, it had to do with art pushing away bread.

    It had to do with blowing sunshine. And sometimes you just have to blow sunshine up your own skirt no matter how silly it seems.

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