Greater Lakes

A Greater Lake, Oil, 9” x 12”

in the almost 50 years and I’ve been going to this spot on Lake Michigan, there is always been some beach. The lake has been changing for the last decade, however. It has been getting bigger — greater — swallowing up break fronts and beaches. It changes the way people enjoy the lake, it makes me appreciate, even more, how powerful mother nature can be.

Paint What You Know

i’ve been waiting for the water on a new lake painting to dry enough to go to the next step, but I needed to paint. Whenever I’m stuck, my favorite view, the when I know best, got the tubes open and the pigment flowing.

Hotel Art

The big guy has been having trouble with his foot while we’re on vacation. It’s laid him up in bed so he hasn’t been able to go out to see some of our favorite spots, aside from one or two lunches out at our new, favorite Mexican place.

The kids are old enough to take them selves to the beach with their cousins these days so I’ve been taking advantage of quiet time in the mornings to try and paint. It’s a new experience for me to paint water (I’ve taken thousand pictures of the lake but always been intimidated by trying to do a straight line). I finally found a view of the light house South Haven, Michigan that seemed like a good trial run. It didn’t end up being a masterpiece, but it’ll make some nice hotel art for the big guy while he’s recuperating in paradise.