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With a Little Help from the Fam


 The trip to the Ace Hardware in Cambridge, NY should have been my first stop. I had been searching everywhere for the right hangers and grommets to do my gallery wall, and, like most people going into a hardware store with a Pinterest project in mind, had stumped most of the sales people with my request for parts that were not to be used for their intended purpose.

But the woman at Ace knew exactly what to do.

“Oh” she told me I had another artist in here just yesterday trying to do exactly what you’re doing. She asked me if I knew the painter–I hadn’t heard her name. I figured out pretty quickly, however, that the next time I need a conventional part for one of my unconventional projects, it’ll be worth my while to head straight to a hardware store that is used to slightly unconventional customers.

The rest of the project was easy. I should say that it was easy because I had a lot of help from the Big Guy. I had measured where my molding should go, but the Big Guy is a whiz and making things looking look professional. He got out the level and the stud finder, and let me sink the nails.  

I hung up an old photo of one of her now deceased roosters, “Chickie”, since all of my framed originals are hanging in one gallery or another. The Big Guy and I are now sitting on the couch in my studio, and I’m thinking how nice it was to get the job done fast and especially with pretty cool more than a little help from my Fam.