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What More Could You Ask

About a week ago Thing1 mentioned that he and Serious Girlfriend were starting to think about the problem. The two kids go to different schools, so for a minute my wallet started mimicking heart attack symptoms as I calculated the cost of two proms. As soon as Thing one confirmed that they would only be going to the prom at her school, however, I was able to relax enough to realize that he and SG have been seeing each other for about a year now. That’s like an eon in teenager time.

T1’s tenure as Serious Boyfriend has coincided with improved grades and a kid who’s acting more and more like a responsible adult every day. I give SG some credit for that. She even hinted jokingly at that last night when I took the gang out for dinner, but it’s not for the reasons she may think.

SG is successful in her own right. She’s a good writer and ambitious, but in the end we like her for the reason any parent likes their kids significant other. I suspect it’s the same reason her parents are willing to have T1 over for dinner off enough to possibly make them wonder what happened to their food budget. It’s a simple reason.

They make each other happy. What more could any parent ask for?

The only concern I have now is how to get better at drawing glasses and smiles.