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Two Roads Converge

Robert Frost once wrote about the value of taking a less-traveled road.  I, however, stood at the crossroads for many years before choosing the more traditional path of partnership and parenthood, and that, for me, has made all the difference.

When I was in high school, I assumed I would take that bumpier road – I had no intention of succumbing to what I saw as a life of housework (to be fair, I don’t succumb to that all that often) and diaper changing.  I fantasized about being an impoverished writer or artist living in a Parisian garret over a cafe where I would have croissants and marmalade for breakfast every day (and somehow be able to enjoy the shoe shopping)  Did I mention it was a fantasy?  Somewhere in the hormone-soaked daydreams, I knew the reality would be different, but one theme was constant – I would have adventure in my life.  And, even though I would choose the same path if I found myself at the same fork again, I sometimes wish it was possible to send a part of myself down the road less-traveled and have those adventures.

Recently, though, I have had a glimpse of that other road through the trees.  Through work and the Hubbard Hall Writer’s Project, I have had the unexpected pleasure of meeting several amazing women who not only forsook the well-traveled path but blazed their own trails.  They dared not only to imagine lives outside of marriage and/or motherhood (something that still sparks heated debate in our society), but they dared to live them.  Some stories I know, some I guess at, and, while I wouldn’t trade my own adventures for all the pastries in Paris, knowing these women and hearing about their adventures enriches my own journey every day.
Vive la difference!