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The Etsy Bitsy Bookshelf Shop

The Bookshelf Gallery – ceramic owl by T1

All practice on long-term projects has pretty much ground to a halt lately. The only writing that happens over the last few weeks is on my blog. What has been going bonkers (Aside from the usual mayhem at our house), is the mini gallery that springing up on my office bookshelf.

I don’t know why, but for me, painting is more powerful than Prozac. It has the added bonus of being a series of short term projects which is – oh look at the cute little kitty – great for somebody with Omni-directional Attention Disorder (attention APA, I want credit when this disorder is officially diagnosed and named).

Normally, the summer is Art fair season for me, keeping my already “cozily” full shoebox of studio from overflowing with paintings. I switched to working weekends over the last year, however, and art fairs (with the exception of the Fall Open House at Bedlam Farm which will be pulled from my paint-covered fingers after the kids have me committed) are on hold indefinitely. Vermont has an open studio day, but I’m pretty sure any good liability lawyer will warn me of the dangers of inviting non-hazmat certified art lovers to trek through our house to my bookshelf gallery.

I haven’t done a lot of online sales because handling things like sales tax and shipping costs have always been more complicated tasks than I wanted to manage on my webpage. On my weekdays off, though, I’ve been watching the success of friends on Etsy and decided imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So, for the last few days, I’ve been setting up an Etsy shop. I haven’t made too much fanfare yet, aside from a couple links, but it seemed appropriate to announce a “Grand Opening” on this page now that there are more than 2 paintings up there (I have 4).

I’ll be adding notecards and watercolors, as well. Wood stove season is coming, and oil and open flame seem like they may be a bad idea, so the selection on here should evolve a bit with more watercolors.

For now, I’m dipping my toes in the water, and, having missed beach season (not a big loss since I don’t really like the corequisite swimsuit season), this seemed like a fun way to end the summer.

You can find my new shop here.