• The Itty-Bitty (crowded) Bookshelf Gallery

    The dry and ready to post on Etsy paintings are now sharing space on the bookshelf gallery with the new not quite dry and too dangerous to post paintings.

    There’s an open house and an exhibition in Bennington coming up, so the smallest gallery in America could get pretty packed for a few weeks. So far, however, the oils have been pretty accommodating about finding new homes in good order.

  • Guess What?

    Al-Fresco-webSomehow our three graces didn’t get added to the web collection for the Equinox Gallery show, but you can now buy prints and cards of our girls here.

  • Al Fresco

    Al-Fresco-webThese were our favorite girls – our three graces. They followed us everywhere – even into the house – until a fox discovered a hole in our coop.

    You can buy museum quality prints and cards here

  • Pea Picker

    i’d like to tell you I have a veggie garden because I’m really into organic everything, but the truth is there’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching my kids fight over fresh greens.  In my defense, I have stopped telling them the peas were candy.

    You can buy prints and cards of this painting here

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