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September Common Thread Give Away


It’s Common Thread Give-a-Way, and this month you have the chance to win poet Veronica Hallissey’s book Kiss the Moon: The Woman Speaks and Gives Grace

The Common Thread Give-a-way is the brainchild of artist Maria Wulf who saw a chance for artists to help other artists connect with each other and a larger audience.  This month’s we’re including guest blogger Veronica Hallissey.

Veronica’s blog is called From an Upper Floor. She writes on Kiss the Moon about her inspiration and focus:

“these poems were written during the infancy of the woman’s movement in search of equality. What has evolved is a generation of young women who would not let anyone question their full rights in any partnership or career choice. From my vantage points of daughter, sister, wife and mother with twelve males in close quarters in this lifetime, these poems were written at different times and for the observer it will be an easy matter to see where and when…It has been a work of my heart.”

To win Veronica’s book visit her blog between now and Wednesday evening and leave a comment. The winner will be announced Thursday morning.

Then check out the blogs of the other participating artists: Jon Katz, Maria Wulf, Kim Gifford, Jane McMillan and then come back here for some new toons where I’m trying to make Swearing Hill a daily crime.