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My Sketchy Trip – Wheels Up

Did I mention we live off the grid? Well we do, and it’s one of the things that makes our life a little sketchy sometimes. Like this spring.

See, in the winter we were doing great. I had money left over from my December bonus. There was money coming in from art shows. Things were so great, in fact, that I booked us a bargain basement trip to Iceland for August to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Thinking we would never use it, I purchased the cancellation protection on the flight. And then the bottom dropped out of our spring.

It was a few weeks after I booked the trip that our grid began groaning and asking for replacement parts until our bank account screamed, “Uncle!”

By the middle of the summer we thought we were recovering, when then the grid said, “not so fast” is it commanded still more parts and repairs.

Several times in July we realized our anniversary trip would likely be canceled. When I read the cancellation protection’s fine print, however, it was clear that total nuclear financial meltdown was not grounds for getting a refund. We could either go or stay, but the money was locked up tight as a drum. So we decided to damn the torpedoes and go.

There were a few more hurdles– T1 got a bug and won a trip to the ER — but by The last day of work, we were confident there could be no more disasters before wheels up at Logan airport.

So still not hundred percent confident we’re doing the right thing for a budget, but 1000% sure we’re doing the right thing for our relationship as a family, we’re taking a flying leap together to see something none of us has ever seen before.