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Kickstart – No Funding Required

I’m kicking off the new year with a jumpstart to my blog.

The recharge includes a return to a name – Picking My Battles. It’s mantra that helped keep me focused on creating for the first few years — even when I was almost as busy as I am now. And, what the hey? The formula worked before, and sometimes sequels are better than the original.

When I inaugurated Picking My Battles, Thing1 and Thing2 — then 12 and 5, were the primary focus of my and the Big Guy’s lives. Six years later the domestic front, much like the deck chairs on the Titanic, has been rearranged a bit, but the chaos still seems to be the consistently constant.

Six years ago, the day would go from peanut butter sandwiches to carpools to work to bills to homework. Fast-forward to the present, and I’m still a domestic anti-goddess, the Big Guy is still a rock, Thing1 has morphed into a college-bound, jolly greens-eating Giant, and my tutu-wearing free spirit, Thing2 is a bigger free spirit with way more expensive fashion sense. So, somehow, in order to carve out time to create books or paintings or cartoons and get healthy and strong again, life still boils down to learning to pick the important battles.

You can read the updated blog by visiting www.rachelbarlow.com or www.pickingmybattles.com.