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Good Intentions

St James Harvest Festival, View from Burdett Commons


As TS Eliot once said, most of the stupid stuff in the world was done by bloggers with good ideas and not enough caffeine. Or something like that.

In my case, the good idea was consolidating my online split personality into a more cohesive unit under my own name. Yup, riding the high from a successful craft/art fair last night,  I was ready to take all the stuff on these pages – the toons, the tales, and the ahtsy stuff – and call it put it all under the heading of My Sketchy Life (which is pretty accurate).  And I got it all moved nicely to www.rachelbarlow.com.

You can still get to new Toons and  Picking My Battles stuff from days of yore by typing www.pickingmybattles.com into your browser.

And you can click Home and look at Art (or Ahht if you’re from New England pronunciation of the word) or find a new HOGA pose (Thing1 and Thing2 were working on Brotherly Hoga last night).

But (here’s where the stupid stuff comes in)  you might not get all the goings on in your inbox (hopefully you’re here anyway). As the caffeine left my system, I managed to remove the feed that sends this chaos to your inbox.  Said feed should have redirected here, but if you come to this page wondering where the heck your next diet cartoon is, it’s here.

You just may need to re-enter an email address to get it in your inbox.

Management is having a good talking to with the webmaster this morning who has decided, after a night of good intentions almost gone awry, not to risk any further snafus and leave  cleaning for another day.