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Down Time


His small, powerful fist unclenches just as his breathing acquires a gentle, rhythmic rumble.  And as badly as I wanted a few minutes earlier to extricate myself from his fierce grip, now I am completely content to lie quietly next to him.  I could almost forget that the soft, contented snoring was a result of his allergies as I savored the feel of his hand in mine.

I still lie down with him when he has trouble getting to bed.  It comforts him, but for me it is a reminder of the early days when milk and my mere presence were always enough to completely comfort him.

Now,  I lay him down to sleep, and I wait for the chirping to turn to silence and the silence to turn to snoring and for a few minutes I am completely aware of what serenity is.  And when the present and all its ‘to-dos’ intrude,  I will forget that love-struck peace until the next time the silence becomes snoring.