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Do You Have a Problem?

A Garden AddictionHere are some questions to try to answer honestly.

1.  Have you tried to stop gardening for a season but started drawing up new plans before the last frost?

2. Do you wish people would stop telling you to just buy your vegetables at the grocery store?

3. Do you drive buy farm stands and mentally calculate how much more space you’d need to start your own?

4. Have you ever switched from rows to beds to moderate your gardening?

5. Do you occasionally start the day with a walk out to your garden for a quick eye-opener?

6. Do you stop to pull one weed and stand up two hours later with a bucket full of dead dandelions?

7. Do you envy others who can control the size of their gardens?

8. Do you ever stop at the grocery store and walk out with flats of flowers or veggie starts instead of the food items on your list?

9. Do you tell yourself you can stop gardening anytime you want to?

10. Do you have Garden-Outs?   Do you wander into your garden at 7AM on Saturday morning and wander out at 5 wondering how so many new beds appeared fully planted?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to four or more of the questions above, you may have an addiction.  You are not alone, and you should know that there are other gardening addicts who are willing to tell you it’s not a problem.  Go ahead and feed it.  If you answered yes to six or more, your addiction may be severe.  It’s still not a problem, just be sure you keep another set of books to hide from the non-gardeners in your family who may not understand that the $165 willow trellis really necessary to support the pole beans.