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Common Threads Give Away


The entire weekend was spent tucking in for winter which, sadly, always involves cleaning and the recognition that we need to offload some stuff.

This doodle was not in the recycle bin, but as I moved stuff around my office, I decided I’m decidedly too attached to originals.  Combined with my neurosis-grade doodling problem, my attachment issues have created a decent stack of doodles – and not all of them doo-doo.

Then Maria Wulf of Full Moon Fiber Art and the next town over to remind me it was Give Away month and my turn to boot.  It was kismet. It was magic.  It was lucky I had decided to clean this weekend so I could go through my stacks and find something without needing to rearrange the trail of cookie crumbs so that my family could find me if I got lost during the search.

I stumbled on this sketch of our black cat, Snoop, sleeping by the woodstove from a post back in 2013, and decided it was perfect timing.

The sketch is pen and ink and a little watercolor pencil and will be included in a book I’ve just finished writing called, “My Sketchy Life.”  It’s a 5×7 doodle which will ship on backerboard and clear plastic covering (to make sure it remains one of the clean things in our house).  It’s not dishwasher safe, and, if you have a cat, expect them to request their own red-hot woodstove to sleep under.

If you’d like a chance to win, leave a comment and then take a minute to visit the other artists in our group –   Jon Katz, Maria Wulf, Jane McMillan, and Kim Gifford!

The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday.