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A Wintry Mix


  The morning began inauspiciously, with snow, sleet and canceled writing class, then a canceled lunch. I decided to make a slow cooker feast for the family and went to the IGA for supplies before heading home.

As I finished up, however, a call came that a beloved aunt had passed away. It was not an unexpected call, but it rocked me nonetheless.  

I had written and painted this week, preparing to cope with the loss of this person, but I knew that wouldn’t stop the tears when it actually happened. I drove home weeping and gave the news to the Big Guy and the family and wept again.

Thing 2 had already invited a friend over for a play date, and we decided friend should still come. We had mostly dried our tears by the time the friend arrived, and we chatted with his father for a while as I disassembled our Christmas tree. I set up my TV tray in painting gear near the now-empty space in front of the window thinking how quickly the holiday season come and gone.

It is still a wintry mix of a day. Outside there has been gray rain and periods of snow creating beautifully dusted trees. Inside it’s been quiet– the two 9-year-old boys are playing quietly and happily as nine-year-old boys should, reminding me, as my aunt often did, that life goes on and that even on sad days it is beautiful.  

I know there will be more tears, but I know the best way to keep her with us is to recognize and be grateful for the small, beautiful moments in our lives even when they come in a wintry mix.