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Today on All My Guppies

5 1BundlesofJoy web It seems that when Herman the Hermit, my plecostomus, arrived, he brought a stowaway to Tankland with him.  It was a snail who promptly cleaned the sides aquarium and then took a vacation under the gravel for a couple weeks. I thought she had died in horror when she saw the state of the studio that lay beyond the glass (or disappointment that she had not landed in the aquarium of famed illustrator and snail portraitist Abrah Griggs), but it turned out she was feathering her stony nest to welcome a bunch of babies.


Oscar the Guppy, still annoyed with the Minions for holding a meeting of the Guppy Poets Society without him, looked at the swarm of little white smells climbing the walls of the aquarium, and little bubbles could be seen escaping from his gills as he shook his head in a silent “tsk”. The Minions, however, are always happy to see new life in the tank. Herman the Hermit made it clear he had no opinion as long as everyone leaves some algae for him to eat.


The babies ignored the chatter and decided to explore above the waterline, lodging in the hood light.  Their adventures shorted out the LED light. Oscar the Guppy, having found it terribly tacky, decided that perhaps the little ones should stay (It didn’t hurt that the snails seem to share his affinity for a clean tank) and was heard to say, “Good things really do come in lots of tiny packages.”