Glimpses of Summer

I finally caught a glimpse of high summer as I sped home from craft fair yesterday afternoon. The crops at Earth Sky Time community farm in Manchester, VT are thriving but also reminding me how quickly the summer is getting away.

Eyes vs Stomach

Eyes vs Stomach

From the attic window I can see Little green apples getting ready to be edible, if somewhat ugly and scarred , green apples.  The worms will have surely decided that a few apples are already too good to pass by, but they always leave plenty for us.

Summer Supper

Summer Sup

Work’s been keeping me inside for most of the daylight hours this summer samosa the landscapes I’m drawing are of the aquarium or in my head. This one was inspired by a collection of flowers and critters I did a couple years ago for a show. 

Something to Do

For the first Saturday and as many Saturdays as I can remember, I didn’t have a class or a fair, Thing1 didn’t have a job, and the Big Guy wasn’t working. 

We have plenty to do. The yard has been professionally neglected all summer, but still with everybody in the family home for once, we felt like we should look for something to do. 

Something fun.

That’s how we found ourselves driving through The rolling hills of Washington County, New York. Thing1’s driving did nothing for my painting skills, but it did wonders for my creative spark. 

Suddenly I can’t wait to get back in the studio.