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“The worst tale is that trolls have no magic…”

In between working on getting art supplies to future artists and taking a drawing course to improve my skills a bit, I’ve been working on the layout for “The Truth about Trolls”. The story is about finding your inner beauty by recognizing the inner strength that comes from surviving loss or heartbreak.

DrawPaintCreate has raised over $1500 in its first week, and will be delivering art kits to refugee children in Albany New York in the next week or so. I’m also in contact with the Department of Children and Families in Bennington Vermont and I’m working to
assemble kits for an additional 88 children that they serve.

DCF was kind enough to provide the ages of the children so we can tailor the kits a bit for safety. I had a chance to peruse their site and found the site of an agency that helps place children with foster families and with forever families. The site has pictures of smiling faces that are impossible not to fall in love with and stories make you to want to wrap each and every kid in unconditional love and shelter until they’re ready to fly the coop.

You can’t, of course. You can give as much help as possible, but there will always be another story that tugs at the heart– as the stories should.

The smiling faces however, have kept me on task with the drawings for “The Truth about Trolls.”. They’re reminders that resilient inner beauty is more than just a fairy tale.