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Tag: poetry

Believe in Them

Sometimes it seems easier to believe in them,

To see their sparks needing to be fanned and fed,

Than it is to do the work that feeds my own,

But when the prodding turns the embers into flames,

Their white hot divine makes plain that when I believe in them,

I believe in me.

Gratuitous Artist Pics

 There are several things that are certain in life at our house.




And if I sit down at my desk and open a keyboard or a tin of watercolor paint (it has to be watercolor paint), Jim-Bob will crawl into my arms within five minutes to offer his assistance and advice. He is now demanding full credit on all paintings, arguing that he has become an indispensable part of the creative process.

Poem – Familiar

My familiar keeps

The world and work at bay.

Heavy as a blanket,

Draping his heat over my fear,

Hiding my anxiety under

Fat and fur and purring

Till we, happily entombed

Under imaginary desert sands,

Sense that day and lull

Are done.

Ode to a Guppy


I think that I shall never see a tree,
Sweet blue Guppy,
as lovely thee.

Not even that bonsai
that looks just like mine
Is as perfect in my eye.

– written by Oscar the Guppy upon spying the identically colored guppy in the next tank

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