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Surrender to Miracles


It’s been a sad weekend all-around. Worry about loved ones in poor health and grief for people victimized by terror made it hard to focus on hope.  There are so many negative elements beyond the ordinary person’s control that it almost seems as if hope is pointless sometimes.

I didn’t think I was in the mood to paint this morning and decided to go for a drive instead.  I was driving toward the Equinox mountain when the sun, warming the mountain from the east began pushing the clouds out of the valley and over the peaks.  It was a perfect moment, completely un-plannable, and I knew I needed to paint and connect with the mountain.

I painted for an hour and packed up to go home and get online for work. As I drove along the Battenkill river in Arlington Vermont I saw a white object in the sky coming toward me. It was gliding and then flapping, and as it got closer, I realized it was a bald eagle. Trying to drive and watch the eagle, I didn’t even bother reaching for my camera.

For that moment I felt my spirit lift and I let go of everything  – sadness, fear, despair – feeling a loss of control of everything – (except the wheel – I did keep hold of that) and for a brief brilliant moment feeling complete serenity.

I stopped at the country store moments later, breathless and energized, knowing there are tragedies that are beyond my control but also aware of the miracles that are equally so.  I marched to the cooler at the back of the store, accepting that bad things happen and often there is nothing you can do except accept. Denying the miracles around you, however, doesn’t make you any less helpless, and embracing them may help you get through the tragedies.