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Resting My Laurels

Pain in my chest has made standing and painting less enticing over the last few weeks, but I hate to have my easel empty, especially since my study/studio is my quarantine headquarters. I decided to put the first oil painting I ever did. Appropriately, it happens to be a picture of the first masterpiece I ever had a hand in.

4 thoughts on “Resting My Laurels”

  1. I am a bit concerned about the pain in your chest. I think you should call your doctor’s office if you haven’t. Just because the virus is out there doesn’t mean we should neglect other aspects of our health. Sorry if I’m stepping in where you feel I shouldn’t.

    1. Absolutely not an over stamp. When somebody post stuff, people will comment. I actually I’m in regular contact with my doctor as we monitor. There were a couple other symptoms that were missing that cost them decide not to test for Covid19. I have a history of chronic pneumonia so he was pretty emphatic about the need to take the quarantine seriously which our entire family is doing.

      I was interested to hear a couple factoids about testing, however, the hint at how much longer this could go on. When I spoke with nurses here in Southwestern Vermont (we’re just across the border from New York State where everyone is on lockdown), she said, because there is still such a shortage of tests,they are only testing people who work in healthcare facilities and who our symptomatic enough to have fever and an extreme shortness of breath (pneumonia is still giving me part B but not part A). our school is technically a healthcare facility because as we provide mental health treatment to the students who reside with us, but I still couldn’t get tested even know the school really thought I should.

      I don’t think the hospital or the healthcare system is trying to be dismissive about the risks, but it really highlights The severe shortage of tests right now, and that’s quite scary. I think it’s also interesting that, despite the lack of testing, our county of Bennington has almost the highest number of cases in Vermont, despite not having one of the largest “cities“. It says that people are still not social distancing enough and that combined with the lack of resources to do aggressive testing means that we are still going to see a significant spread in the Northeast for sometime to come.

      1. I am glad that you are taking this seriously. I have a feeling that some people might ignore things because they are so focused on the virus. I saw a vlog where the couple talked about her not wanting to go to the ER because a pain in her leg, despite knowing she has a genetic condition that can cause blood clots. She finally went, and yup it was a blood clot, fortunately small and not deep. It could have gotten much worse.

        I am going to the grocery store, drug store when I need a refill, cleaning out my post office box once a week, walks by myself and otherwise staying home. I’m in Wilder, VT. Things in Windsor County seem to be slowing down a bit.

        Stay safe and be well.

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