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R is for Rumpus

R is for Rumpus

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I have been wrapped up in illustrations and now scans as this book begins to resemble something I could show an agent. Or Child Services if they ever question my mental fitness and keeping skills.  

The great thing about finishing this book in the summer–when the kids are home– is that as I redid drawings and rhymes a few I have been surrounded by inspiration. I’ve chauffeured it, chastised and refereed it, and I have had the chance to write–and draw–exactly what I know best.This project started with a rhyme that was inspired by the ritual all parents undergo-the all nighter.

Two redos, 26 letters, and umpteen rhymes later this picture book for parents has evolved to include not only the adventures inspired by my kids but chaos they created with their cousins.

 My sister and brother-in-law are also appear, and it’s appropriate. My oldest son and their twins are about a year apart, so the four of us grown-ups have also been partners in crime in this venture called parenthood.

Three of the kids in this book are almost driving now, and even though none of us has been on the evening news for any giant parenting fiascoes, my intent was never (and will never be) to write a book on how to parent. My intent was to write a book about how to laugh while you parent because let’s face it, most days you end up facing an opportunity to laugh or cry, and one of those is definitely more fun.