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Over Time


I stole this apple from the pantry a month ago.  It was perfect,  part of a still life contrived to resuscitate my creative life.  In it’s current state, it’s a better representation that life.

It’s tax time, and that’s meant overtime for most of the winter for me and my co-workers.  The kids, being nature’s perfect parasites (needy AND cute), took what they needed of our time, money  and body, regardless of how busy, broke or hungry we were.  The blog, however, have been showing signs of neglect, with creativity giving way to the demands of bread winning and bread serving.

Tonight was the official end of overtime, but I decided to stick to that schedule, with a few changes on the priority list.

Today, Saturday became story day with 5000 words, good or bad, hammered out.  Some may see the light of day, others may end up in a drawer with the rest of my rejects. Sunday became Sunday Funny day.  One cartoon every Sunday because, let’s face it, Sunday is meant for funny pages. Wednesday became HOGA because Hugging Yoga is really needed in the middle of the week. The other days became generic blogging days, but it all became part of a commitment to spend that extra time doing something that, over time will hopefully produce something that’s at least as satisfying as a slightly bigger paycheck.