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Lady Knights


 The line at the Dairy Bar was a mile long so I took the boys to the nearby Wayside Country Store to get takeout from the deli for dinner last night.

The deli is at the back of the store, near the fishing gear and shotgun shells. There’s a large round table covered with a vinyl, red and white gingham tablecloth. On any given morning The table is occupied by a group of mostly men–farmers, retirees, and contractors on their way to work– all Knights of this Round Table solving the world’s problems before work.

The last month or so the Wayside just tried something new–a knitting night. A few men have joined the knitting group, but most of the nights that I walk in on the circle at the back of the store, it’s occupied by Lady KNights taking a break from worlds problems.
I’m working hard not pick up any new hobbies–or old ones like knitting, so instead of contemplating where to buy a skein of locally raised fiber, I sat down and got out my sketchbook to keep focused on drawing. I’m sure my bankbook will thank me in the morning..