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Just Keep Moving

imageLast night,  knowing it would not change the outcome, I swore I wouldn’t spend the evening refreshing the election pages.

I have not written about politics on this blog much because I believe internet politics divide, and I want my creative work to be a force for good. Web pages may be good soapboxes, but I’m of the firm belief that honest connection – political and emotional – is more likely found over a cup of tea, preferably accompanied by some kind of pastry. 

Both campaigns have done everything possible to degrade our sense of community.  But while I was unhappy with the results on a personal level, there are many people in my family – close and extended – who are scared.  They are scared to tell people, their last name when they book a hotel because they will seem less American than a Smith or Jones and not be able to get a room.  They are afraid that their family unit may be at risk because it looks different from the one on Father knows Best, and I know whatever fears I am be experiencing pale in comparison to those that others are experiencing.  

My art will never be in a museum, but it will always be about the common values of love and connection that we all need, regardless of the color of our skin or religion or orientation.  It is my way to reach out to those in fear this afternoon, rather than – as I am tempted to do – withdraw.  Today, like last night, the best coping strategy is to keep moving forward.