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June Give Away

It’s June and and time for the Common Threads give away.  Yours truly is the artist blog-post-apr-1-2015-coat-of-armsdu’month, and this month I am giving away actual threads – a Pocket T-shirt with the coat of arms and Chivalric Code of the Order of the Eternal missing sock.  The Coat of Arms is on the Front and the code is on the Back.  The shirt comes with a certificate conferring the winner as a Knight or Knight-ette of the Order.

Modeling the shirt (printed by Zazzle) is Sir Big-Dad himself, slayer of bills, doer of deeds of daring and kid driving.

You can choose any size, XS-2XL (ladies sizes too, if you fancy yourself a Knight-ette of the Order and have observed the code once or twice in your life). The winner can pick any color as long as it’s white.
giveaway-front giveaway-back


The code, for the curious, is as follows:

A Knight of the order shall
Show Courage when Battling Bills or Backed-up Toilets
(even if the knight can’t tell the difference),
Show Honesty always except when Wisdom is wiser
(as when asked if This Outfit Looks Fat),
Show Mercy for those using the bathroom next
(by turning on the fan, Man!),
Have Faith that there will be enough
mismatches to make at least one
complete pair of socks.


To enter to win, leave a comment on the post my Facebook page and then check out our other members’ pages:

Jon Katz, Maria Wulf, Jane McMillan, and Kim Gifford!