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It Does Get Better

So my show is hung – more on that later- and between classes and work, I haven’t painted more than a few strokes in a few days. I’m heading into a week of cleaning and Thanksgiving preparations, and I’ll do some writing , but I’m also looking for new ways to play.

Anticipating a bigger crowd this year, I did a little bit of rearranging of the living room so that we could pull out our antique dining room table that has been mothballed while the boys were still in their soccer-in-the-house-phases. I was pretty pleased with the results, but as you can see from the picture above , our open floor plan, which is usually perfect for a very casual lifestyle, makes it hard to really dress up the layout for dinner.

If only I had some way to divide the spaces, I have been thinking. The only obvious way was to build or move a wall, but that might result in the Big Guy choosing to spend Thanksgiving somewhere else. I knew I needed a temporary wall, and Pinterest came to the rescue with a few ideas for folding screens and carefully situation plans. There were some fairly simple screens, and there were others that were decorated with Georgian style paintings. Can you guess which ones I decided I could make myself?

Yep, you can,

And as luck would have it we have a pair of unused doors from when we first built the house. The Big Guy listened to my plan with the tolerant (even encouraging) smile that all men who have been married successfully for two decades have learned, and I dragged my new “canvas” back to my studio.

Because the only answer to what could possibly be better than a blank canvas is a lot bigger one.