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H was for Homework


and for Headaches, Hives, and Hemorrhagic Fever, and all the other reasons they concoct give Homework the heave-ho.
That was several letters ago, and I am almost done the coloring of the pages. I thought to scan everything in and use the computer to ink and color, but the thing I love about drawing is not using the computer.

“A is for All-Nighter” is in the final stages of painting, and it has gone through some big changes since the beginning. The biggest change happened around the letter H was the addition of the couple kids, most notably a girl.
Now, most of the chaos in the book is inspired by my two boys, but growing up, they’ve had a couple partners in crime. They have been blessed with a host of cousins, but they have grown up spending the most time with my sisters kids, who are geographically closest to us. During family get-togethers, the foursome has been more than willing to egg each other on in the volume department, and I thought it was only fair that they get some credit.

There were two other reasons I included these two kids in the book. The first was that I felt like it would be nice to include a girl. The second reason was that the girl, my first niece whom I held when she was barely a week old (we could not hold her twin brother at the same time for reasons that I will keep private) is the closest thing to having a daughter I’ll ever have.  She was the baby who made me realize I was ready to be a mom and probably the reason we have T1.

i’m hoping it’s a good precedent. If people like the first book, I’m planning to include my other nieces and nephews in future works, If only to try to capture a little bit of their spirits from this time when they’re young.

But now it’s time to get back to the drawing board.