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Experiments and the Koi Pocket Sketchers Box – An Unofficial Product Review

A New York State of Line, Watercolor, 5×7

Getting outside to paint lets you see painting – and the world – in a whole new way. It also gives you a chance to experiment with different toys to make painting outside easier and more winter-proof.

I’ve been playing with waterbrushes and the Koi Pocket Sketcher Field Box for the last few days, and, while I’ve been a little clumsy getting used to the water-filled brush (instead of bringing along a collection of brushes), I’m finding it a fun way to make quick plein-air sketches.


The included paints are very good quality – intense color – but I bought the kit for the convenience. The palettes and brushes all fit into a small box that can fit int a medium-sized purse.  If you have a place to set your paints with the open palette, you’ll find enough water in the brush to complete a larger piece, but if you’re in a rush or don’t have room, the sketchbook can hold a postcard-sized piece of paper. You can’t fit 2 water brushes in the little box, but I found I could fit a spotter with a trimmed handle in the little space and that along with the bigger brush gave me enough range to do some washes and dropping in color and then a few fine lines.

The other thing I liked about this kit was that you can fit a post-card sized piece of paper in the lid. There’s a thumb ring on the bottom of the box to hold the entire setup if your lap isn’t as spacious as mine, but I think you need larger hands than mine to make it work comfortably.  I was perfectly happy having my entire setup on my lap.

I’m still playing with my kits but I would highly recommend this little portable studio for anyone on a budget.

Disclaimer – the author has not been paid anything for this review.  Not a dime.  The sketchbox manufacturers haven’t even thrown her a fish-shaped pad of art paper, which she could really use to feed her painting addiction, so if this review is helpful to you in anyway, GOOD!  Get out there and paint.