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Drinking the Water

I used to set up my little tray table with my paint water, always at the top right of my pad, right next to my hourly Diet Coke. Somehow, however, even though the cans are very different from my collapsible green water cup, I always managed to end up drinking at least a little paint water.

When my doctor gave me my diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease a couple weeks ago, he recommended a low-salt diet and, hearing the amount of caffeine that I normally drink, also suggested I cut down from my diet soda intake to one cup of tea each day. I’d already promised Thing1 that I’d get clean and decaffeinated (like all adult kids he’s an expert on health and everything else) and figured it wouldn’t be any more of a hardship to give up my two favorite foods (salt and added salt) as well.

All of that bargaining has led to more water drinking. Experts do claim is is better for you but I’m guessing most of them don’t do watercolors because the recommendations never mention the risks of drinking water.

Last night The little green rinse cup sad was in it’s traditional spot. My shiny blue water bottle sat nearby, and, sure enough, and the heat of painting (which is much hotter than you can imagine), when that first bit of thirst hit, I found myself picking up the little green cup.

The paint isn’t toxic, and I doubt it or interact with any of my medications. Depending on how long the painting session has been, it can taste bad enough to get your attention. In the beginning, however, it’s easy to have a sip and not really mind the flavor.

So on the first screw up, I still did my usual mental panic as I put the cup down (how much have I had? Will it be safe to drive after this much paint water). Then I remembered that at least I’m painting again and at the very least, the paint water, in addition to not being diet soda, and it didn’t have any salt in it.


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