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Saving Sunday

It seemed appropriate to start Daylight Savings Sunday with a little wood stacking for winter. I got started a little earlier than the boys because I knew I wanted to reserve a few hours to finish up my Inktober drawings and then write for a few hours before getting into lesson planning for the week.

I hopped in the shower after we were done, and, almost as soon as I was bundled up and pulling my sketchbook from the shelf, Katie the Wonder Dog appeared at the window of my new office. Most of the summer she will lollygag on the lawn outside our windows, but, today, even she seem to understand that a change was happening. Five minutes after she plopped down on her pad, Jim-Bob, our giant orange tabby, appeared at the window. It should only be a few more minutes before Lady Jane joins us, demanding to sit on my sketchbook and making the rest of the Sunday afternoon quiet and perfect.

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