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Win a Print in the March Common Threads Give-Away

March Give Away

It’s the first Monday of March, so it’s time for the Common Thread Give-a-way.  Last month Maria gave away on of her drawings.

This month, in a nod to the winter that won’t quit, I’m giving away a print of a watercolor and mixed media drawing of nearby Ice Pond Barn.  The print is on 8×10 archival paper in a protective matt.

If you’d like to enter the drawing for ‘Ice Pond Barn’, leave a comment on my blog.  When you’ve left a comment, take a trip over to the other blogs in our group.

I’ll be picking the winner (using and announcing who it is on Friday morning.

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  1. judy booth judy booth


  2. Debby Stoner Debby Stoner

    I LOVE everything about this!

  3. Micki Brown Micki Brown

    I love red barns!

  4. Rae Rae

    Beautiful picture, after a long winter it is a good reminder about the beauty of snow covered landscapes.

  5. JoAnne Schnyder JoAnne Schnyder

    This is gorgeous. I would love to be entered in to the drawing for this. Thanks!

  6. Audrey McKay Audrey McKay

    I’ve always been attracted to old barns. You truly captured the feel of this one. I look at it and feel like I’m standing in front of it with my warm coat and hat. It’s beautiful

  7. Terese Fitzpatrick Terese Fitzpatrick

    Almost love winter when looking at your print. I hav a fascination with barns

  8. Christine Alexander Christine Alexander

    Love red barns, love snow-topped pines, love the print! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win it. Very generous.

  9. Sandy Sandy

    The winter that won’t quit…I like that! I LOVE the painting!

  10. Every time I turn around, more of your talent comes to light.

  11. Sue Nemedi Sue Nemedi

    I love the red barn! It’s a beautiful piece of work.

  12. wendy greenspan wendy greenspan

    beautiful – thanks for participating

  13. Jim Legner Jim Legner

    I’ve enjoyed your blog, always funny and insightful. And now your outstanding watercolors. I know how difficult they are to do, mine look like mud. Your work is always quality!!

  14. Kathleen M Kathleen M

    I love both your writing AND your drawings…count me in for the giveaway! Kathleen : )

  15. mary barron mary barron

    reminds me of bedlam farm in winter

  16. I know all the animals are keeping warm in your big red barn today..I would love to hang this in my home!

  17. Jane Jackel Jane Jackel

    Beautiful drawing, Rachel. I especially like the snow-covered trees and the sky.

  18. Elaine Elaine

    I love this picture and would be delighted to be lucky enough to own it !

  19. Barbara R. Barbara R.

    What lovely artwork. I would be delighted to hang it in my farm office! Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  20. Karen Heenan Karen Heenan

    I love this. I can feel the cold and almost smell the snow. This is a great tribute to the winter that will not end, but soon, hopefully, will.

  21. Cheri Granell Cheri Granell

    Family had a farm for over 100 years and since has been sold. I love this picture. It reminds me of our farm and my family heritage.

  22. Marie Marie

    So beautiful! Please enter me in your contest!

  23. Sharon Sharon

    Lovely. I would love to admire this daily in my barn red kitchen! Thank you for your blog.

  24. Dawn Dean Dawn Dean

    Barns are so majestic. So sad we are losing so many to the elements here in Iowa. Too costly to keep up and, I guess, they have lost their functionality on the corporate farms of today. Would love to win this print. Please enter me in the drawing.

  25. Betsy Vittinghoff Betsy Vittinghoff

    This is like a ray of winter sunshine! Love your drawings and would love to have this one.

  26. Linda Lockman Linda Lockman

    I would love to have that Print!!! It is magnificent

  27. Sally Brechbill Sally Brechbill

    This is beautiful and I would love to see it hanging in my house.

  28. Joan from Wisconsin Joan from Wisconsin

    What a beautiful painting. It would go well in our home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Donna Dragonette Donna Dragonette

    I am drawn to paintings of snowy winters…and the red barn is the perfect touch.
    Love it!

  30. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    What an exact image of the big red barn on the farm we lived on as kids, even the cupolas crowning its roof!

  31. Catherine Petee Catherine Petee

    A lovely representation of our winter, this year. I love the red barn against the white snow. Your print is beautiful. I would love to have it in my home.

  32. Patti Patti

    Beautiful picture. Looks like all the snow piled high like we have in Michigan. Please enter my name for the drawing. I hope I win!

  33. How lovely! It reminds me of home (I’m from the Midwest).


  34. Tess Iten Tess Iten

    Great picture, I hope I win, my birthday is March 9. It would make a fabulous birthday present.

  35. Margie Margie

    Beautiful painting of a beautiful barn. Barns are so majestic.

  36. Susan Middleton Susan Middleton

    Love it! …and I really enjoy your blog postings.

  37. Jacquelyn Campbell Jacquelyn Campbell

    I’ll second Lisa’s comment above!!

  38. Rachel, this is beautiful! I am loving what you are doing for yourself and us… <3!

  39. Diane Fiore Diane Fiore

    Another masterpiece, Rachel. Gorgeous.

  40. Sharon Hull Sharon Hull

    Love old barns and love this painting!

  41. Carol Andrews Carol Andrews

    Something about red barns in the winter…Love this !

  42. Lorlee Bartos Lorlee Bartos

    Makes me nostalgic. I grew up on a farm.

  43. Erica Burkert Erica Burkert

    Red barns: so sturdy, upright and strong, weathering the seasons. It is wonderful to see them respected and cared for!

  44. Marla O'Byrne Marla O'Byrne

    My fingers are crossed – I feel at home with this red barn.

  45. Roberta Roberta

    Beautiful! Love winter and red barns!

  46. Beautiful! Decorating my lower level in Barn style, had a carpenter build \”barn cupbords\” for me, this would be a great addition.

  47. Renae Walker Renae Walker

    The barn is such a great reminder of the times I spent calling the cows with my Grandfather. His girls so gladly came in from their afternoon grazing to be safely in the barn feeding and hearing Grandfather’s sweet voice and words. Lovely picture!

  48. Paula Foreman Paula Foreman

    It’s also the Winter That Won’t Quit here in Minnesota, and I still can’t get enough of it. I’d love that snowy barn print on my wall to remind me of winter>

  49. Luanne Thulstrup Luanne Thulstrup

    Who does not love a big red barn?

  50. barb sieke barb sieke

    I love your red barn print and love the chance to win the beautiful picture !

  51. Love old red barns.

  52. William Wells William Wells

    Enjoy your site

  53. Karen L Karen L

    Love the watercolor + barn print. There is something about snow prints that call to me. Not sure what it is but we have one on our wall that shows a horse drawn sleigh pulling a soon-to-be Christmas tree in the snow. I especially like to look at that one in the dead of Summer. Put a barn in the picture and it doesn\\\’t get any better. Thanks for offering this print up. PS: I have just gone back and read through a number of your recent posts. Except for the \\\”Fox\\\” postings, I had to laugh out loud on several occasions and quietly to myself on a number of others. Really enjoying your blog! Wish I could write and especially paint like you but alas, it is not meant to be. Guess I will have to stick with quilting ….. I do have a barn quilt in the queue though.

    • Thank you, Karen. I love quilting, but I don’t have the patience for it.

  54. Becca Becca

    I love the barn! Can you enter my name in the drawing? Many thanks.

  55. Debra Sevigny Debra Sevigny

    Absolutely beautiful.

  56. Donna Lawrence Donna Lawrence

    Reminds me of my childhood on the farm. We had a similar hay barn. Love it.

  57. I love your work! I have a passion for barns – they are fast disappearing from our American landscape and I wish Heritage preservation societies would take on saving them!

  58. Annette Smith Annette Smith

    Such a dignified stately barn. Love it. Thanks for sharing your fift

  59. Lisa Carson Lisa Carson

    Love your print of the red barn. Would look an amazing hanging in my house.

  60. Every time I see a red barn I swear I smell fresh hay.

  61. Leslie Mc Leslie Mc

    love barns…this one is regal and peaceful

  62. jean jean

    lovely, reminds me of a study I did years ago( 50 ), just know we will all forget this brazen winter at the sign of the first crocus, but your painting will be a wonderful reminder : ) !

    • I love snow and winter sports, but the tiniest bit of bare earth on a hillside got me thinking about the garden the other day.

  63. Jeanne Blue Jeanne Blue

    In this frozen winter a red barn is a warm and comforting reminder of home. Beautiful.

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